Why do some people change when they get married?

I was friends with John since the day he was born. Ok so I’m ten years older than him. I was there and watched him the day his father passed on. We used to keep in touch. When they moved away too. They moved a state over when he could drive he would come to the city. He would call me up we have lunch and go.
I met his fiancée she is really cool. I really liked her. He would still come to NY sometime closer to the date of the wedding I didn’t hear from him much. Maybe he’s mad since I couldn’t make the wedding? Children were not allowed and I couldn’t leave my kids. But now no interaction of any kind. He got married this past October. We are still Facebook friends but I don’t follow his posts anymore. I got annoyed how he did come down one time after he got married and said he would hit me up. He never did. Claims that I was suppose to tell him. I did hit him up the night before. Then he checks in all over Facebook. He checked in at a restaurant a mile from my house. So I was like wow, that would have been hey let me park outside we say hello and you go but no. I didn’t hold a grudge but felt like what excuse was that. Five minutes too?

Oh well. His birthday is coming up. I guess I’ll wish him his wishes but can’t see why the change.


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