Job Rant

I decided to spend some time thinking. There’s a lot of hoopla at my job. Recently a test for promotion was given to a select few. I knew of two for the running the third surprised me! So we heard two of the three passed the test. The two lazy ones. The other this was the third time they took the test failed again. Excuses being made by everyone some people just suck at paper testing. Yea ok.
Anyway so the two that passed in sure in a few weeks they’ll be gone. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing only one of them I had to deal with. They were sort of the middle man not quite human resources but somewhere doing a job. When they go it doesn’t effect my status. So the employees talk and the water cooler talk heats up.
I had a talk with someone. To me I said the only thing keeping me here is they work with me, my schedule and my pay. I’m not going to get this pay anywhere else right now. I’m tired of hearing complaints from others. Always there are people complaining. About hours. They don’t want to work until midnight and when they have to be schedule to come back in the morning it’s a big deal. Yet these are the same people that go clubbing until four in the morning and have to be at work by six and still make it. Yeaaaaa.. Ok.. Lazy!
Then we have the ones who are single with no kids. This is their only job. Scheduling is an issue. It’s retail they want you to work the weekend. They hate management their always late. It’s something. They do the most complaining. Do yourself a favor, if I didn’t have a family and a disabled child I would be out there working two or more jobs! You’re complaining because they won’t give you Saturday and they are getting at you for being late. Be professional! How can you expect anyone to take you serious waltzing in hours late. You’re taking advantage of their leniency! Nothing’s keeping you at the job is it?! It’s plain laziness! No one bothers me I come In do my shift go home! I’m under the radar I don’t need drama. I do my hours and go home.
So really if the job you have you want so bad be responsible to keep it. No going to another location won’t change anything. Sure for a while you will look like an angel but the old habits will come back. Hey it’s retail.


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