Are you always going to be that scared pussy? Are you always going to use the same excuse? When you get to close for comfort, do you run for the hills? Or do you run to the nearest sinner? What is it going to be? There are answers. Do you enjoy the lack of sleep, do decisions haunt you at night. You’re mind moves a mile a minute because you put off the one thing you seek!

Why are you that belligerent person? Why do you seek? Why have you wasted your time? Why when better things can come your way! Are you a saint? Are you trying to defy stereo types. You can’t change what’s at hand. What’s shown to you. Only person that can give you that satisfaction is you?

You both seek, but you can’t find. Look and learn. Seek Into the soul. Search the eyes, the mind, the heart. Have you seen what is missing? You both lack. Two controlling people. One wants power and and status. One wants domination and satisfaction.

It takes more than confidence, personality and money to make a person.


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