Too busy

So I’m not doing well I feel like I’ve got no where to turn. I really need a friend. Everyone is busy. I hate the age of social media. Back a few years ago in 2007/2008 I was going through something similar. But my friends called me checked on me. Now these days. Everyone is too busy.

You can try to text someone and they don’t respond, call someone they don’t answer but the see them online with the green online light on Facebook! Ugh. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to hit up anyone but I get. I’m driving right now. So I’m giving up.

So keeping all this bottled up is taking a toll on me. My mind is sad, it’s also not happy. Sometimes I go to bed hoping I don’t wake up. I think of my kids but right now my daughters autism situation is worsening. Believe me I’ve read the books and blogs of some. You know what everyone’s lives are different. I can’t take someone’s thoughts and expect a miracle. But it’s hard to hang in there. It’s hard to be patient.

It’s hard to watch your child lose them self. It’s hard as a parent to think there could have been preventable measures taken. It’s just so hard. No one seems to care that you’re crashing. I just want a shoulder to cry on. I just want to know someone can be there if I fall.

I really need a friend.


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