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So I know when I’m dealing with a situation it’s everywhere. Just everything is in your face. I swear quotes to blogs get reblogged or retweeted daily. How many times a day do I see a Rob Hill Sr quote, on Instagram and Trent Shelton. All good things. Do we abide by what we read most likely no.

So I have seen this other guys quotes on Facebook being shared. I started reading. I kinda wanted to smack him. Basically felt like that he was saying that as a person if you aren’t showing god or preparing yourself for the person to come Into your life than you won’t get or receive that blessing. I’m like whoa.. I’m out here doing what I’m doing. Basically not good enough. But of course a married person has accomplished what they need. To me it’s fucked up. To me I’ve seen arrogant females screw around with married men and get engaged or find someone. But a kind hearted person isn’t good enough.
I guess maybe I misinterpret what I read but whatever because there’s a lot of fucked up people getting married or who are married or in relationships and what not. I don’t feel the need to prove squat. I guess proving you’re a whore gets you somewhere. Honestly I’m gonna stop reading these things.
If things are going to happen no magic no voodoo no anything like that will make it happen.
I know people mean well, they write and preach. I guess I want to find answers and solutions and I’m frustrated they’re not coming to me. I guess this is why I feel the way I do about anyone who writes things that I can relate too but I don’t always feel like that will work for me.

It’s not even about being alone or finding someone it’s just finding myself at this point.


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