Throwing me under the bus

So yesterday my supervisor and I butted heads. Monday. Yup, Monday the day where the meetings are. I get there punch in. Think oh joy another work week!

I get invited to the meeting this week. “Fuck, I’m thinking I hate these things. I have no choice!” The store manager said I had to. So I get there along with some other guy. We get introduced. Not five minutes into the meeting the other guy was brought up to the front. Asked how his training was going. Crappppp! I hate public speaking. So they finish. They call on me. I go up. How’s my training going. “Uh good I say.” I haven’t been taught squat. Why because I’ve done my supervisors work for many years I just don’t know all the reports! I get praised how everything that is good I helped do. “Score!” Store manager is happy.

After almost two hours meeting is done. I wait for my supervisor to come out. He thanks me for not throwing him under the bus. I told him he was lucky. I don’t drive buses. He said “you’re gonna have Danny drive the bus with Lana sitting in his lap?” I got infuriated. I punched out for lunch.

You know my supervisor and I started the same date over a decade ago. Sure he’s older than me he’s like the one of the only father figures I had. I had another coworker around his age that was really like a dad, he retired last year. This one, well he’s the dad you want to smack every so often. I told him what he said wasn’t right. So he interjects that Danny and I were just fwb. I was like oh really. So what are you and your girlfriend? Since Danny didn’t produce a ring. My supervisors been with his girl 27 or so years. Cheating on her 16 or more years. They still live together.

I knew Danny never wanted to be committed to a woman. Being I was once married I was ok just being where I was. I don’t need a ring or a title to show where my relationship is or going. Many people are together for years before getting married. My sister just got married ten days ago. They’ve been together fourteen years. My uncle David married his girlfriend twenty one years after they met. They got married 13 years ago but they’ve been together so long now. Whose to say you need validation?

So back to my supervisor I’m telling him you just can’t go there. He tells me they applied for five marriage licenses and never got married. Not my problem. He told me he asked the girl who moved out of the country to marry him she said yes of course are they getting married? Nope. His girlfriend of 27 years would kill him. I told him he isn’t so smart. He likes to hunt. You never know if she can get her hands on the ammo!

I wouldn’t let him get the best of me especially someone doing something wrong. Hey it’s my fault for sometimes telling him anything but I need to vent but in this case don’t judge me when you can’t really validate yourself.

As for Danny, he’s been quiet. He traded in the PS3 I bought him for Christmas in 2012 for the four and he’s been living on that. I haven’t been texting him. I haven’t been seeking him out either. Shits annoying because I miss him. I was doing so well until he told me about Lana further a month ago. I just hate having to feel I have to be compared to someone. I really hate knowing that he shared my business with her or others. I already know about hers. He won’t open up to her but I know everything from family stories to personal details. I know more than his own best friends know. That’s the crazy part. He doesn’t want to make himself look like a dirty dog to his female BFF he grew up with. So he knows a little. His male BFF probably knows half. I know the whole story. Why do you trust me so much, keep me at bay.


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