Little boy!

To whom it may concern:

As a woman who works her ass off to support her family, just because I have more than one child doesn’t make me a whore. Doesn’t mean I need to get laid or I like sex. Well we all do but I’m tired of getting approached by married men or attached men!

I work in a warehouse. I wear tees jeans and my hair in a ball cap all the time. I don’t wear skirts or heels. I’ve worn a dress maybe three times in the past five years! So I don’t know if I’m emulating a thirty something “MILF” but geez down boys. This little boy I call him, when they’re in their twenty’s and try to kick it to me I don’t play games.

This boy got my number and wants sex so bad. Meanwhile he tried to kick it to me in front of his almost two year old, one month old daughter and kids mother. So damn up my ass just for sex. I just broke up with a cheater who the hell do you think I am to mess with a guy that is attached. I don’t break up homes. Screw you find a mature lady elsewhere. Keep watching porn.

So yes I don’t need to be with a child whose a total asshole.


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