Birthday girls!

My twin girls turned fourteen on Thursday. They are the babies of the family. I really can’t believe that time has flown so much. I am proud of all my kids but the years really have passed quickly. My daughters are two great girls. Right now though they have their own friends. One of the girls is outgoing and popular the younger by seven minutes is quiet and shy. So it makes it harder they have different friends. I told them both that they will always have each other friends, boyfriends, will come ago. You will always have each other.

I am happy that my children are great kids. If I am not able to get them something they don’t whine. They know I will try my best to get it when I can. They don’t seek new things and are probably the only kids in seventh grade without a cell phone. I have to think about cell phones  when they go to high school, but right now to add a line to my plan already would be like paying rent. 

Happy birthday my ladies! I am so happy to be your mother! I can’t wait to take you to the concert tonight in Long Island so that you can enjoy doing something different for a change. Keep reaching for the stars and never forget who you are! 


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