Pretty awesome saw my fourth concert in my life. Haven’t been to many but when I first went to a concert in 1998 my ex husband had gotten tickets to see Elton John. His boss had Yankee playoff tickets and chose the Yankees over Elton. It was sweet. We sat so close.

I saw Aerosmith in July two years ago. They were amazing. The seats at the Nassau Coliseum sucked but to see Aerosmith was a dream to me! I did see Boyz II Men at the Mirage in Las Vegas but that doesn’t truly count as a concert since they play there for now. That show was amazing though! I went for my birthday and came back loving them again.

The next concert I saw was for my daughter. She loves Selena Gomez. So I took her and her twin sister to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Seats were high up but the faces on my girls were priceless! They had never been to one and this was a true dream.

Last night we saw New Politics, they opened for Paramore and Fall Out Boy at Jones Beach. I can tell you the outdoor concert was beautiful being outside the view and just the atmosphere. I’m glad I had this opportunity to take my kids and myself to see these bands. Sometimes I feel bad that I’m always working being a single mom. I make sure I can do things for the kids.

I can only be so grateful and happy that they’ll remember this years to come!





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