First impressions

I met a lot of different people today. I took my daughters to a Fall Out Boy Concert. The fans were different then the fans when I saw Selena Gomez with the girls several months earlier. Now I’m not an old fogey. I see what kids wear and all that. I don’t judge! But it made me think of something that was told to me earlier today.

Impressions. I’m not talking about the ones comedians give either! Are you going to judge that girl because her hair is blue? Her thighs are big, her high waisted shorts? She clings on her man to much? Did you even speak a word to her? Nope an assumption was made. You saw something that you didn’t like. So automatically that means the person isn’t any good.

Pretty sad to say. That people judge people with accusing eyes.Never trying to see eye to eye. That’s their loss not mine. I’ve walked past hundreds of people and never made assumptions about anyone. Give chances. Don’t make excuses because you feel a certain way about things.

I laugh now because the insensitivity now a days is so bad. Insults added to injury is a norm!


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