Suck it up

Time I fucking moved on. Sick and tired of being a doormat! Belittling someone is just sad and a disease. You know I am a big girl. I can deal with all crap aimed at me.

Remember when you get down from outer space and the air is clearer I hope you enjoy what you spew. It isn’t right to hurt innocent people and their families. Who the fuck are you to talk shit. When your life is far from perfect.

Yes I had to get this off my chest because I’m not wasting my time with your childish calls and texts. I hope boss lady likes games! Honeymoon phase only lasts so long. So by trash talking me it’s ok I will be fine.

Mature adults can just walk away move on. But you just can’t leave well enough alone. Pretty sad that people that know you from birth and home couldn’t even express things to you. They know just like the ones before you will fuck it up with your own sad narcissism!

I’m in a rut this week cuz I let you get to me but I know it’s only something that will last me temporarily. I will come back smiling and glowing. I know I’m better then how you treated me. I know I’m better than how you claimed I was perceived. The healing process is in the beginning stages. It’s gonna be a long tough road. I’m willing to suffer but not at your hands.

To myself. Look at this post and know your worth. You are good enough. You are beautiful. It’s his loss that he couldn’t see a good woman in you. It’s his loss that he has to degrade you to make himself feel better. Smile, buck it up Chica! You’re gonna be just fine!


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