Woman to woman

I was just about to head to the mall when a text came thru.. I deleted his number but I knew it was Danny’s phone… This is what I received.

“From a woman to another woman I need to apologize to you. I thought you and Danny were broken up. Thank you for showing me the light bc I thought I was a special woman in his life but clearly I wasnt. You seem like a good woman and I know you and Danny have alot of memories and love for each other. You are special to him. You can have him back. Me and him are done. He doesn’t deserve me and doesn’t know how to be with someone like me.”

I didn’t reply I just looked at it. Wondering how she got his phone and go text that. I’m not going to spend my day dwelling on if he really sent it or did Lana actually send it. I just was floored!



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