Turning my back

I hate changing my cell number as doctors and things for my kids are connected to that number.. But if this continues I might.

So because of the text I was sent, I got nasty texts from him. Saying thank you for opening my mouth. I didn’t even reply to that text. If she texted from his phone then she saw what you had there. Low blows from why I did this and that and it should have been kept in the past. Ouch. Ugh. But this is the man that would not let me go. I got messages she said I contacted her. This relationship I didn’t play let me tell the new girl what he’s doing. I walked away. This one broke me. I can’t deal with the bullshit. So for once I stayed out of it.

Sometimes I don’t think people consider the repercussions of their actions. We all knew that she was a defiant girl. Smart. Some people don’t take the crap. To me if that was me on the other end. That be it. Dead the contact why are you still replying. Which is what I did. To want a relationship after nasty things like that you must be out of your mind. There are people that are out there and would never treat someone so shitty.

It’s a reality I don’t think he knew he would face. Playing games for several years and you finally get caught. By not one girl by two. It wasn’t where I thought it would end but I don’t want to be involved anymore. I’ve made an appt to see a specialist and talk to someone. This by far has been the most trying and emotional for me in any relationship I’ve been In. I need to clear my mind and not worry about anything but the lives of my family.


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