Annie’s open letter part 2

As you know I changed the names of Danny and Lana for my personal life.. I guess now I don’t care. They could google themselves! For now I will still write the way I do.. But for this open letter you will understand why I said what I said, with the real names.

A reply to your text to me.
You will never understand how to be with a man like Austin. Austin is a man far beyond any man you have dealt with. His heart is gold his personality exuberant and he’s smart vivacious and he lives life knowing it’s all fun and to enjoy.

You may have managed to succeed in taking him from me, but I never lost him. You see we share a deep bond that spans time. Sometimes in life people have to leave your life for you to grow and learn. Well I let Austin go. But he never left my spirit and heart. You see you will never understand what this man is or who he is. What you see on the outside is different on the Inside. Austin’s drive for life made me secure and he was always there when I would fall. He never let me down and he encouraged me to keep going and focus on myself. Austin’s courageous being pushed me to new journey and places.

When I met him he was sincere and honest and open. A quality you could never bring out in him. He shared his life with me and I shared it back. Simply called love, trust and loyalty.

A woman like you has no loyalty to her man. You strive to control and bring down what’s before you. So I want to say thank you for thinking that you could take something precious from my life. You honestly didn’t. In some ways or another I will always be there for him.

I’m amazed that you stooped so low to using his phone. Man up sweetheart and do it from your own. You will never break this man. You will never hurt this man. What remains inside him is his integrity. You can not belittle someone. He is the strongest person I know.

Life has a funny way of catching up to people. I’m not surprised you would hurt him. Now he can breathe and he will fly free.

It will take these words from a song.. I hope you find a way to be yourself someday, in weakness or in strength, change can be amazing.

So thank you for letting me know who the better woman is. It is me. I could never ever want to be like you. I’m not perfect but I’m a truly happy person. As for Austin his future is bright. Let him go honey. There’s plenty of sharks in the sea for you!”


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