Hurt set in

I’m not used to break ups effecting men. One minute he’s fine the next he isn’t. He still thinks Annie and him will work out.

He is so hell bent on this being my fault. His solution we go our separate ways. Which is fine by me but he wants the car keys. Yet he owes me money. I said go get a notarized letter or refinance the loan. There’s no way in hell he gets the keys. He’s fallen with the payments last November his word is no good. Sure keeping the key is something but it also holds my credit in his hand. The money he owes me I know I won’t see.

He belittled me to say he wasted his years with me when he could have had a family by now. I simply now wasn’t hurt and told him such. When he wasn’t acting erratic I would have taken that and felt bad. Now I don’t. He cheated on me, he hurt me. He hurt others in the past. The ex before me he treated her the same way. He finally got what he dished back. He’s hurt he got to be put in this position. I guess he felt that he would never know how it feels. I guess because me and the previous ex did not make a big thing and break it off with him that it didn’t matter. This time he got outsmarted.

His final texts said stupid stuff. I didn’t reply. I can’t and I won’t. This isn’t my fight anymore. I learned the hard way. I know he’s hurt and it’s raw but you don’t control me anymore.


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