Let me go!

I was working. 7th hour of my shift my phone rings. It’s the ex. I pick it up. The last few times it’s been for stupid shit like his PS4 etc. This time it’s frantic!

He starts babbling super fast that he has to say this and that. When he finally gets it out. He says that I need to let him go. Whoa! Me? Uh hello, I’m making the effort! So he keeps spewing shit and more shit. How I shouldn’t have been in Annie’s business. He put me in her business! So I was like let me say something. You put me in this situation. You made me a third wheel to your relationship. When it was him and I Annie was the third wheel! He kept cutting me off.

I said I have let you go. Why have you kept me around for two years if you been with Annie all that time. You can’t let me go it’s not the opposite way! He told me that when we met up this past Sunday that I had in my mind wanting him to take me back. All I did on Sunday was have dinner and give advice to him. I was like you’re out of your mind.

In his mind he wants a female so damn bad all he can do is talk about another relationship! I’m not even thinking about one. I said you need to stop dating passengers because it’s the same old thing. He tells me he will meet one at a lounge. I’m like oh boy. Whatever.

Whatever it is that we can’t be together than you know what I’m alright with it but I’m done with the but it didn’t work out cause statements.

Yes so I am letting him go. Was my plan after seeing the doctor. It went well for a few days. Then he called me. I had no intentions of texting or calling him. I guess someone needs more help than I do. I know it hurts that’s why I’m trying to move on.

So I hope he moves on because I had the intentions. I hope you know that I didn’t need all the pain you brought to me but I’m a strong woman. Funny thing is the doctor said maybe in the future we might get to know each other again. I don’t know about that.

My friend Andy told me he already sees it in me I’m moving on. So yay me!


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