Can’t always get what you want

It’s pretty funny how you can give your all and get nothing in return. That all you have done, doesn’t count. People are so blind to see what’s before them. They put things in front of them to hide what was there.

I just sometimes really wanted to know what I brought to my last relationship. Was it anything at all. What happened so bad that It makes me feel some sort of a way. If he could not let me go there was a reason why. I guess that reason is why he continually thinks he can emotionally destroy me. You can’t find perfection. You can’t start other relationships while dating others. You can’t start relationships on lies either!

I will never know I can take guess after guess to figure it but maybe it isn’t something for me to figure. I never lost who I was. I knew who I was. I stood my ground. Always grounded. A selfish man with no maturity has no business in a woman’s life if he does not plan to bring anything forth to the relationship! Sometimes things are better left unsaid.

What was kept hidden should have stayed there. You brought your demons out by exposing yourself to the raw emotions of life. It was destined to fail. I didn’t want it to fail for you but silently you made sure I was always in the background.

I do know that some people can’t see a woman with a family with a single guy. For a man with no kids and being the only boy eventually family will pressure you. I know I was good enough but you live your own life. You can’t always listen to others because they don’t know squat.

At least I know I don’t have hate in my heart. I feel bad that someone would chose to keep being unkind because they can’t face their mistakes. I am glad for the head I have on my shoulders. While at times I get so frustrated I do hope one day that I will find someone who can respect me and treat me like I need to be treated.


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