I met up with my childhood friend of over twenty five years. We went shopping at Target. Then we sat down at Red Lobster where I began to slowly unravel parts of the story about my now defunct relationship. She knew back in the winter when it was over but she didn’t know about the new sordid details.

I’m tired of the how could I not know questions. I didn’t you know. I attributed the distance to work and my kids I didn’t think he would fully go and date two people at once. I can’t even try to put myself back to those times I mean I was blind and paid the price.

My friends sister told her that the amount of time you were with someone well divide that In half for how long it will take to get over that person. I am not even considering looking at two and a half years.

I’ve suffered one hell of a set back. Right now everything is turning into shit.


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