Advice for the naive

There’s a girl at my job that will be thirty this year. Her boyfriend of three years is just twenty two. All they do is fight. Today she walked into my section with the guy from electrical already talking about relationships. At one point I interjected.

I told her sometimes it’s not worth it. She truly believes that her man will change. Her mentality is one of a child. She wants to talk about Hondas and all the guys she dates are younger than her. Lucky if they can legally drink. Her current one hits her cheats on her and uses her. She isn’t afraid to admit it. I clearly told her that as much as you want to believe that things will change for the better it never will. If he’s talking to a girl in front of you he will never respect you.

She thinks arguing and fighting will keep him. I just in turn shut up. Fine waste your time, that’s what you want you might end up like me. This girl could have any guy she beautiful just a bit of an airhead. Closing in on thirty I would be thinking about stability and not where the next race will be. I know you can’t change someone’s mentality but I would hope she eventually takes the blinders off.


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