Leave me be..

So my ex Facebook inboxed me before I left for work. Hounding me about my profile pic. How it was a lie and I should change it. It’s been the same pic for two years.

Ok number one, you unfriended me. Why are you still checking my page. There’s a thing called block!

He called me obsessive.

Ok number two, haven’t been on your page in a very long time. He’s concerned people will think we are still together. Uh all your friends know your side of the story with Annie so uh I’m not in the loop. He never self proclaimed me as his girlfriend on his Facebook anyone there was some pics of me. But not many. If I feel like it I reshare stories or post pics of the kids or the sky. I rarely have status updates!

His friends wouldn’t care what I do!

I sent back uh I wasn’t obsessive! Your last, lady was calling you at all hours and when she couldn’t get you she would call your roommate and stalk your bus! Yeaaaaa whose obsessive?

I was called not confident. By this time I’m like why am I replying. He’s randomly telling me stupid things. Still thinking being hurtful will make me cry. He truly can’t. He still can’t realize that he lost Annie because he failed to be a decent man. Maybe if things were different they would be together. But it seems both of them were never quite honest to each other anyway. How they began is how they ended.

They very last message that I didn’t reply to, he was gonna watch porn and jerk off. Yea. We are almost forty and your gonna pine for Annie telling me you might kill yourself before your upcoming birthday. Then you need to relieve yourself. Dude you have issues.

Like I told him, I’m dealing with a hell of a lot pain. I’ve gotten rid of half the things with him. When I’m ready that pic will go. At least the day the pic was took was a day of happiness. I don’t need anyone to rain on my parade. You can ruin your own. I’m just trying to repair my broken heart!


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