Online dating.

So I was trying to clear my head this weekend. I was bored yesterday downloads dating apps. Zoosk and match suck. Seriously love is worth anything to me but paying to see what a man has to say to me on a site? No I’m not going to pay for that. It’s not a big deal for me. I’m not looking into a relationship like that. Just want to date or just talk to some people.

Meet me, wow that was a joke and a half. Within an hour. I had one 19
Year old send me a pic of his penis and offer me oral sex. I blocked him. Then I had about 4 more between 23-26 offer me oral sex and sex. Blocked them all. Only on the site three hours I deleted my picture and profile. Creeps! Oh well!

So far ok Cupid is ok. I chatted with about two people. But nothing interesting! At least not a bunch of sex crazed young ins there!

I tried mamba. It seems ok. But I’m getting replies from everywhere. One guy seemed nice but who knows he’s from Florida. I think the best was a guy from Africa telling me how beautiful I was and after blowing up my inbox he tells me how he wants to get married.. Lol I told him I wasn’t looking for anything single yet alone that far! Lol I’ve seen on plenty of Facebook groups about interracial couples etc how men in other countries hit on these women just to come abroad. The funniest part, I said hey my coworker is from Ghana. He’s there now! lol which is true. He’s on vacation. But hey seriously come to the states like my coworker did via working. I’m no sucker to marry a man for a visa! Of course he never replied! Loser!

You have to love these apps! And websites! They are making me laugh that’s for sure!


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