Online dating part two

So this military guy hits me up. A few messages and so forth. Give him a messenger address I barely use. Within a half hour of talking, he proposes.

Ok so that’s what’s up. You my friend are fake. He tells me how he can’t apply for leave only a spouse or wife to be can apply for this leave. Mind you he’s supposedly in Afghanistan right now. How he needs me to email the state dept to have them do so. I’m like uh huh. He explains how he felt this instant connections between us.

Mind you the whole time after the proposal I google all the information he’s saying. So I let him email me to one email I barely use. I read it. I’m like wow smh. I told him I had to go to work and I did. I wasn’t born yesterday. Google is by far my best friend. These military based scams say that at any time leaves are granted. No letters from anyone is needed. That they wouldn’t even take letters from a spouse etc. In there’s cases the letters are sent and then money is requested. After the supposed person sends money, the solider supposedly has an unexpected accident and more money is needed.

I really had liked this guy before we texted via messenger. I refuse to be duped by anyone. It’s heartbreaking that this is what’s out there. I feel sick by what the norm is for anything now a days. I’m glad I’m totally hesitant in things I do and know all to well that people scam for anything at times. I’ve pulled my pics and can’t seem to find a deactivate button for that site yet. I know maybe one day I will find someone that made me feel the way Austin did the first time we spoke in person. Until then no.



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