The case of the ex

This day ended lovely.. Sarcastically I’m saying that.

Not for nothing Austin break your emotional attachment to me. Two days after you flipped the heck out on me, he ballsy messaged me via fb about pics we had together. Two days later, yesterday he messages me on FB again. Don’t take no action on him over the money he owes me. He will pay me back trust me.

So I’m fuming. I’m trying to live my life and he keeps messaging me. I haven’t even thought about any money or even asking him for squat. I wanna say fucktard, block me! If my pics bother you my fb bothers you block me. I already blocked half the crew from the hood of his. Now this. Just need a reason to see if I will respond. Last night I simply muted the fb conversation. Yea I should hit block I know it.

I woke up this morning after a really bad night and had my iPhone on airplane mode. I turn it on. He messages me I still got your number didn’t delete it. Blah, seriously? I am not replying. Dude seriously Annie gave you something I hadn’t, so don’t think because you were familiar with me that your good with me. I’m not second to none. You made your choice to cheat, you made your choice to date another.


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