Living life

Swing and a miss… That’s what my life sounds like lately. I’m at bat. I’m caught looking. I swear that wasn’t a strike but it was..

I really had to think today. I have my good days and I down right have my hellish days. Today I feel like baseball is something I can compare life too. The days where you’re 4 for 4. There’s days when you can’t even get on base. Moments that tease you like the foul ball that almost makes it look like it’s in fair territory!

I hate to compare life to games but it sure is sometimes. Like any sport there’s strategies behind everything. Can’t play football without plays. A pitcher can’t communicate with his catcher without signs either.

It’s really been an endless circle of highs and lows. Occasionally the lows become negatives and out weight the positive and highs. But then a spark of light comes thru and you can basically breathe again. I really am too strong to be kicked down for long.

Maybe someone did play fair but dirty players never win. So here is to the grand slam I hope to be making soon!


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