So there’s a pattern. Every few days or so Austin sends me a message. I reply sometimes I don’t. I told the therapist this. She seems to think Austin misses me. Maybe so but to me if he honestly missed me then explain all the nights he spent with other women and two years with the other chick? Therapist says he missed what he had. He had a family and stability with me. Eh maybe so. He lost that not me. He wants to hold on to me, I’m a backup plan to him. I am no option anymore. In the beginning when we dated I was a priority but towards the end I was not. No, sorry Austin I am not gonna be the girl you fall back too. Maybe we have deep feeling for each other. That is all there is. He knew very well when he backed away why he did it. I can’t make someone stay with me so whatever. It is your loss.
I miss his dumb ass terribly at times. Todays text to me was. “Iphone sucks lol” So does your Samsung Galaxy my friend. I didn’t reply. The last few days I had replied it was 3 replies that was it. The conversation went dead. He just wanted to make sure I was there. Yea not today Austin. Go hang out with the people in the hood today. Those great friends you got! I’m sure you will feel great knowing you dodge a bullet huh?

Go out and find your dream girl.. I don’t have time to be waiting anymore.. 


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