Online dating Part 3

So last week I had deleted my OK Cupid profile. I really was getting the stupid people sending me messages. I guess then I got bored. So on Friday I decided to set one up again. So any biters a few. Some could take a hike. Plenty of people look but I guess my bio is too much for them! Lol.. Hey I have to stress there is not just one child I have so if children is a problem keep it moving.
I basically give people a chance when they want to talk to me. A few got the three strikes and your out treatment after a stupid random question they asked. How many kids? That was a normal question. But followed by was it the same father you totally got chewed out on. You are here trying to get to know me. No I didn’t have a number of kids fathers. That is just rude. Wait until we are on that cool part to ask me more. Just stuff about nationality favorite foods etc. Oh well be gone to those who I didn’t ever reply back to.
I seem to attract guys with no kids. That is the crazy part..

Anyway back to the random replies I had liked one guy. I gave him my number to text. He is just to quiet. I am used to men that take charge. That do things. That aren’t quiet. This guy makes me seem like I talk more. I used to be the queen of being quiet. He replies but barely its like pulling teeth. Am I gonna meet him. I have no clue. He has to give me more than the smile face icon. Ugh. I had asked why he hasn’t met anyone. We are the same age. He says his work schedule. He works 7 days a week and he just is quiet. Well obviously. Could be an axe murder? Uh I won’t know. Guess will have to see. 
The same OKC app this guy just set up a profile and tried to message me. Guess what another soldier.. Oh boy. I gave him an email I don’t use. He sends me long paragraphs at a time. On Ok delete your profile you are mine now. Excuse me. What are you a loon? Pics of awards from the navy with his name on it. I am like uh huh. The way he words things. I am starting to get seriously annoyed. I had told him my name in the first message at OKC so the name of my email just is the email name he was replying with that. So if my email name was he would literally say hi douche how are you. Something about this guy isn’t right. So I gave him the don’t waste my time speech. If you want anything from me you are barking up the wrong tree. Yea harsh but yea I am not stupid yet do I enjoy my time being wasted by mental games. Update. Guy got weirder and weirder so I told him don’t ever contact me again. I don’t feel you. Something’s off. Ugh.
I guess I will give OKC one more week if nothing it’s not my loss. It’s just not the right time you know. I will not result into going on a reality I was flipping channels and I saw a new show called Dating Naked. Is that what life is going to now. Heck no. If I can’t find someone with clothes on I am not doing it naked. 
Otherwise right now, this is some weird experience. Keeps the entertainment though!


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