Get out of my dreams..

I got up early of course today when out of all days I didn’t need to. So I do head back to bed for another few hours. Normally I don’t recall my dreams. I’m just like that. Others can tell you about dreams they have daily me. I’m lucky I get one.

At ten in the morning I wake up and I’m like what the heck was that. In my dream there was three people. I don’t recall if I was there but I saw it all. I saw Austin, Gina and Colleen. Colleen is a passenger who takes Austin’s bus. I think I’ve seen her on a trip on his bus I’ve taken or maybe just from Facebook. Gina is the girl who cuts my hair. Colleen seems like the type of girl I am. Looks like from the dream she is with Austin or trying to be his girl. Maybe Colleen portrays me in the dream in deeper meaning. Gina and Austin in the dream ended up sleeping together. I am glad it forwarded itself so I wasn’t dreaming graphically. Gina is a tough cookie that doesn’t take squat though. So what the hell does that dream mean!
Ironically 4 hours later Gina texts me. We aren’t friends that hang out daily. I call or text to find out will she be at the salon that day. That’s about it. She randomly texts me today. So crazy though.
This isn’t the first dream I’ve had with Austin. I would say three weeks ago I saw him in my dream and I saw pointing. But I couldn’t make out where the pointing was going. So I was frustrated as to what did that mean. I know most likely Austin is on the brain so it trails off. Damn you know I wish he would get off my brain.


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