Online dating Part 4

Now it’s just for the blog. There is seriously no one out there. Actually people that read what you want etc. I’m not losing sleep over it. It’s just becoming a joke now.

Today I check OKC I see a message from a 21 year old boy. Are you out of your mind. My eldest son is 19! Sorry get your MILF thing on elsewhere. Creepy! I’ve actually stopped replying to messages left to me. It’s more of a bother to take the energy out and have to repeat myself.

I can see why some men are single. Rude as shit! Don’t message someone you don’t know and get all pissy they haven’t replied to you. This experience makes me aware of what I want in a guy. I don’t want one that needs to be up your butt 24/7. I like freedom and space.

Let’s see how long I can take this experiment. I’m leaning on deleting it soon. I know I don’t want an online guy anyway. I do want to meet someone the old fashion way. Messaging just isn’t cool. How often do we feel someone has an attitude when they text or so and it just comes out that way.


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