It’s life it just happens

Just not going to go Into fate, destiny,irony etc. It’s all what you end up believing in. Right?

You can believe until your blue In the face that things will be ok. But deep down you’re suffering. You can hope every call or message from that person means they miss you. You may miss them, but they might just be holding you as an option.

How about the unfortunate events? A girl who moved on. She meets a great guy they mesh well. Then he gets sick. The girl who was exploring her seductive side and ends up in bed with a guy who hurts his manhood in the act. Just accidents and life. Can’t really say that someone or some force is keeping you from your destiny. That you weren’t suppose to sleep with this man so this happened. People read to much into things like that. We still must live like ourselves at the end of the night.

How about the ones who do so much wrong yet nothing happens to them.
We look to karma. We look for so much to happen with something, it’s like we need something to validate to prove that it happened for a reason. Bad luck or unfortunate events will happen anytime any place no matter what.


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