In the loop

Shoe strings laces.. Frayed laces. Bonds that don’t diminish maybe over time? Just seems like we can’t stop communicating.
Every other day there’s a message from him to me. It’s a high or a joke. Today information on his birthday this weekend. I wish him well.. He tells me exactly what he plans to do this weekend. He sent me pics of what he had posted online on fb. Screen shot it to me. So though he de friended me he still wanted me to see.
It’s as if you want me there but you’re unsure. It’s so crazy. I only know I’m further along in the whole grief process then him. While he’s still pining for whatever I’ve hit the acceptance phase. Which is why I can be cordial. I mean I’m puzzled by his actions but then again he wasn’t the cookie cutter type to begin with. I knew how habits and what not. I know him better..


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