Neglectful parents

I wonder if it’s the chemicals in foods and in the air or it’s just people being plain ignorant and stupid. Over the past few months I’ve heard and seen way to much stuff that makes you want to slap the idiot doing it.

So I was at my job the other day talking to a coworker who was changing her outfit from one job to this. A lady comes in and puts her 6 year old in a stall. Leaves the door open a crack. She goes outside. Another woman walks in needing to use it badly I tell her no there’s a child in there. By this time my coworker is done. The mother comes in after 3 mins to check on her daughter.

My coworker and I leave since she was done. We go outside there’s a toddler in a carriage. The mother comes out, the same one who left her child alone in the stall. Then she goes back in. My coworker and I both say to ourselves what the heck?! She left her toddler whose just about one year old outside. We decided to stick around. Like who does this? Why can’t you take both kids in the bathroom. There is one huge handicap stall. We don’t have a family bathroom here. But it was a shame. The mother took five minutes to come out with her other child. Literally her child in the carriage could have been taken. Then she would blame the store saying “my baby, my baby!” If you can’t take care of your children properly don’t have any. Don’t take them out shopping. Kids will need to use the bathroom. Have a plan!

To the morons who think leaving a kid In a car is safe no it’s not. You take the child with you. Who cares if it’s for a second. They come with you! Children die from being trapped in a hot car. Car jackings happen, what it you went in a store and a freak accident, a random car comes out of no where and destroys your vehicle. All things that you can’t predict what will happen. It’s never safe. Think about your kids. Don’t be selfish.


One thought on “Neglectful parents

  1. Thanks for liking my recent post. I just checked out a couple of yours. If you really want to freak about bad child rearing, read “The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog” by Bruce Perry. All true stories from a child psychiatrist. The title story ends happy, and most of them end happily. But we know there are many out there that end in tragedy. It would be nice if people about to have kids would read up on raising ’em as much as people read up on places they go on vacation (at a minimum).

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