Online Dating Part 5

So this one guy kept messaging me all last week. I kept telling him I was working. Sorry that is something people do. I already had plans last weekend to go to AC and such. Everyday he was bugging me to meet him. He works the typical 9-5 shift. I work the closing shifts. So now I can’t meet at 6 or 7 in the evening. I wish some people would understand that. He hasn’t tried this week. I guess thats better for me because I feel like I have to emphasize my shift doesn’t change so what can you expect?

So I must have pissed someone off by not replying to their message or something. I changed my pic to one of the nice sky pics I had taken. Does anyone read instructions in this day of age? I guess when I signed up I totally didn’t read the what you can’t and can not have as a provide picture. So it was up a day and someone reported my cloud picture. I am like seriously?  Jerk.. lol But its funny I was looking at pics of guys who looked at my page and I saw a handful of profile pics showing cars and stuff. Wow. Thanks to the douche bag of a guy. 

I deleted the app off my phone this morning. I needed space. So its still there I can sign in online I guess but I don’t even have the patience to be bothered so oh well. Guess will check back into it next week see if theres anything new. I am sure there isn’t. It’s all for the blog now. That is it.


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