Second chances

We always give them. For what. Will a cheater change? Answers will vary depending on the person. We know that we will have doubts anyway on them. Why when we break up we need that person. They could have torn us apart but we still need them.

We are so blinded by what we think is love that we don’t honestly think it through. So you broke up. Why go back? For the sex? Relationships aren’t based on sex? Emotional connection? Sometimes only one partner feels the connection. The other is driven by infatuation.

How often we think it’s going to be better the second time around. Maybe second chances are better when it’s time taken in between them. I don’t mean a month or so. I mean years. Decades who knows. To allow ourselves to grow. In a months time you can’t grow. You only are driven by emotional changes. Nothing concrete.

It is what it is.


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