You’ve got some nerve!

I wrote about one girl I know who is seeing a guy she met on the dating site. Of course after two weeks she finds out that he kept pressing lets get married. Of course he wants his papers. So you know now she is all about I miss my man. I miss this and that about him. She tells me the other day how she was hanging with some girlfriends and she was feeling the need to get some, she was in a part of the city so she calls up the few people who live in that area. One guy picked up and promised after he was done working he would call her back. She tells me that she missed all his calls and she was sleeping. That she took this as a sign. This is the girl that is proclaiming she loves this man but was willing to get local dick from any guy. She has the nerve to tell me what to do with my life. Asshole.

Same girl, is also trying to get a place with this man. He has no credit, she has poor credit. So shes talking to me and she goes and says I know you have good credit. I am staring at her with that look. I am like no she is not going there. Literally she wants me to fill out this apartment application and list her ass as a tenant. What are you criminally insane? I don’t even have my own place. I have my own kids. Selfish little bitch. How dare you ask me to do things for you. You fix your own problems and leave me the hell alone. How dare you. I don’t care how long it takes for you to get an apartment. This supposed happy love affair. The green card guy and the girl who needs local dick. Yea I am sure you will ride off into the sunset. 

I am so happy you two found each other.. Not!


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