Someone asked me for my number.. He seemed nice so after hesitating I gave it out. I have to give people chances I know. Two hours after I give it to him he calls again and again. I’m like seriously. I don’t talk on the phone during work hours.

I walked home and I’m getting messages and all by the boat load, this guy says he misses me. Uh you just met me 6 hours ago. I wake up at 8 something today to my phone buzzing. I look at it and see the guy is calling me again. I decline hit airplane mode on my IPhone and go back to bed.

After I get to work I was like maybe I was to harsh. I’m still harboring feelings for the ex. So I apologize and tell Camilio that I don’t answer my phone at work and I don’t get up that early. Eventually he calls again. I’m like look I will call you back once the next coworker comes in, which I did. I ended winning a big prize with this one!

He felt like he’s known me forever he tells me. He think he loves me. I’m like dude slow the hell down. What do you think of me he asks? I don’t know I say I can’t say much. Over one phone conversation. He says he wants to see me. I’m like I don’t know. Oh yea I don’t know, it’s my favorite word in this whole conversation. Eventually I’m like ok fine. What time he asks is better. I say after five, he tells me no noon. Why the hell did you ask. Five and later is better. I needed a new IPhone cord so he offers to buy me one and one for my daughters iPod 4. I’m like what?! I’m like I also have to wash clothes. He offered to buy clothing. Anyway I eventually get off the phone with him.

An hour later he calls me back I miss you I love you. Ok I’m mad as fuck now. I pick up and he is really telling me no you need to pick up when I call you. Excuse me? We have this connection I feel it. What the hell are you feeling? I’m so mad I’m flinging cardboard boxes. No one pushes me to tell me how I feel about someone. I met you twenty four hours ago buddy. I don’t feel nothing for you. Except pure annoyance. I hang up again. He texts me and asks to call me again. This time I declined every call.

I text you don’t respect me. You don’t care if I get fired for being on my phone. You wanna tell me you love and miss me. You know what stay the hell away from me. I went and got my own cord tonight. Thank you apple store on 5th avenue for being 24 hours! While I was there I blocked Camilio’s number. I think that’s the quickest I ever dropped anyone..

He seemed to want to tell me I have to live my life not let anyone tell me how but he was telling me how. He wanted me to do all this have time for him but when I said a time it’s no good. I don’t care how much positivity out the ass you have. Don’t ever tell someone you love and miss them when you know jack about them.

True story. Can’t make this up.


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