Date myself?

Today Leslie tells me I should date myself. I told her about the situation that happened yesterday. Why I seem to be the creep magnet. She’s lucky I’ve known her since we were 12 or I would have taken that wrong. I told her Austin wasn’t a creep. She said yes he was for his deceitful nature. Blah.

I’m not sure how to date myself yet. I have kids. I’m a mother. I work full time. I’m responsible I pay my bills. I’m smart and intuitive. So why the heck am I attracting creeps. Ok I’m too nice at times. I get vulnerable at times. But still..

I know now that I can’t date right now it’s way to early. I see every guy as a possible manipulator. The last few I even spoke to for a short time gave me that vibe. When you come straight after me for sex. Instant creep category.

I hate to be alone with myself when I feel so vulnerable. Do I really need to change a part of me to not attract creeps.

I wonder..


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