Me vs.. Her?

The ex hits me up yesterday. Old friend passed Away. Stroke. When your in your late 30’s that’s too soon. So he tells me. I told him I’m sorry for his loss. He calls me after the text. We speak. He also calls me a few hours later.

The second call he tells me how see, we can just talk have a normal talk.. Then I get.. He’s talking to “her” again. He tells her about his friend and how he found out. Of course he kind of triggered the argument. When you plain tell someone it’s a person I used to mess with. So she flips on him. Who is she. He tells me that she wasn’t sympathetic anymore she was more interested in who the girl was.. Sheesh. So they talk again and she straight up pulls the jealous girl card.

What can I say. It’s what he wants. He wants this. Funny we never fought and he’s finding comfort in me for that. He doesn’t see how manipulative she is. I said there’s no way you’re going to have any female friends if you stay with her. She’s a control freak. That’s all I can say. Until he recognizes that it’s a cycle that won’t change what I say is gonna go thru one ear out the other. I’m upset that, this is the type of person he chose to leave me for but lessons I guess do get learned.


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