Be Yourself

Why do we let people effect us by their actions. We care too much. Gone are the days of the care free nature. We live to please now. We have to prove our worth. No one wants to be their own person anymore. Little brother marries in a church in Philly that means I must marry in a church in Philly. It happens sadly. Instead of being different you compete or need to do the same. To fill up some void or emptiness.

I’m neither a leader or a follower. The road I choose is my own: I don’t see myself doing things others do. I don’t need people to follow me either. I would be happy if someone made their own choices and decisions. Being your own person. Proving nothing. I’m happy being who I am not being someone else. My choices are my own. Whether or not they haven’t been great choices or if they have.

Be something you are not be something you aren’t. Just be you. If someone can’t accept who you are it’s their loss. Not yours!


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