I last spoke to Austin a week ago. Then he spazzed out on the crazy suicidal texts. Then he spewed stupid things Monday about blowing his chance. Hey that’s your fault. So I woke up yesterday to find a call from him. So it was four days since we last had contact.

I’m curious you know. I call him back. It rings about ten minutes later he calls me again. So we speak. He tells me his dads in the hospital. I asked how he was doing? He told me. We talked for about seven minutes. He said he would speak to me later. I asked before we hung up if he was ok. I said you were acting pretty psychotic last week!

So later on last night I’m running around shopping. Go to the city decide to get a tattoo with my friend. So before I get inked, Austin texts me. If I was drinking. I’m like no. Sure stress is a big factor right now in my life. But I’m not gonna drink like that. He texts me randomly. Says smile. I’m like ok. So I send a smile face emoji. Then he says no a real smile. I never told him what I was up to. I figured that I don’t honestly care what he thinks. I’ve got no regrets. I’m happy with my life. So I text and I’m done.

You don’t want to be in a relationship with me but I’m your go to person when there’s trials and tribulations in your life. I sometimes wonder why he can’t just act right but no one seems to anymore.


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