Friendly advice

Grow the hell up.. If you are simply asked a question don’t lose your manly balls by answering like a pussy. I asked a damn question for something I really have to find an answer to, then I get back an asshole answer.

Asshole answer: I don’t know about stuff like that remember I’m single with no kids I do single activities.

Seriously I didn’t mention you, your dating status and what your doing. Like grow the hell up. Putting your insecurities out there because of some piece of shit loser female. I’m like it was just like you asking me if they were shutting down the boulevard yesterday. Like totally take your ass out your head. Shoot I already know how it feels to lose everything and be sad over a break up but to see a once confident person, act like he doesn’t have balls. Geez. Makes me wonder.

So if single activities means killing your once non alcoholic liver enjoy. Drinking won’t bring back your supposed joys. It’s a slow death sentence. Your choices buddy!


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