What she doesn’t know…

This just came to me when I was taking a nice long shower… so true though.. So in a third persons view this is my blog post.

She doesn’t know a lot about what I do. She thinks I am the greatest in the world. I have a facebook account but I list myself as single. When they ask where I am from I give the location and I say I am single. Hey I am not tied down. I am not married. Therefore I am single. 

She doesn’t know I follow those saucy pages. She thinks I just follow sports. No I follow the girls in the booty shorts. I even follow the cute ones with the tight ripped jeans. Yea I will like those pics and comment. She doesn’t have to know. 

She doesn’t know those girls that I friended from those pages with the half naked girls. She doesn’t know they inbox me. She doesn’t know I gave some of them my digits. I talk to them on a basis. Some of them send me naked pics and I tell them how hot they are. My girl doesn’t know. It won’t hurt her.

I’m the best guy she will ever meet. She won’t think I am a dog because I am so sweet. Shhh.. Lets keep it on the low.. 


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