That’s what they want

They sing about love stories and all the romances that never was. They sing about heartbreak and losing the best thing you ever had. There’s no songs that tell the sordid tale of actual relationships. Can you picture Taylor sing about her man living a double life?

There are so many songs that touch the heart. There’s none that tell the true tale.

Loves suppose to be pure and true instead it’s tainted. They can say they love you. They can say they love anyone too. Twisted minds find feeble ways of making the choices that are wrong right. I could say I love you. I could really mean it but in my mind I can’t understand what I’m doing. So to compensate for what I think is right I will down right treat you like shit. You’ll still love me. You’ll still want me.

No one wants to be a priority or an option nobody wants to be anyone’s sloppy seconds. Show me be me need me. That’s what they want.


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