There’s only one person who I let in my heart. Right now my hearts out of service. The sign is big and huge. I am not looking for anything.

Seems right now every guy is rubbing me the wrong way. I need my space. Right now there’s so much more happening in my life that I can bear. I feel as I’m suffocating.

At 5:50pm Wednesday I look up, there’s the guy trying to talk to me. Gary. Ugh. Why are you showing up at my job. I feel as though my privacy has been invaded. I had plans to go somewhere when I got off, sure it was to the bank but I had the plans and my friend already has it set up. So at six I blatantly left. I said I had to go do this. He was like I could drive you. Nope, I don’t change my plans not for anyone. I run out to the taxi that was waiting and ran since it was pouring.

Eh well it could be a bitch move, but he isn’t anything to me. I am no ones anything. When I decide what I want then it will matter. Right now I need people to respect what I want. Maybe I will be cold and cruel but until then..


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