Not in a great mood. Struggling today. I don’t want to be outside I don’t want to do much at all. I finally had a chance to see the doc for a yearly physical. He comments on my weight. Yes I gained about ten pounds in the past nine months. My stupid brain is holding me back. I’m not a compulsive eater but I down Pepsi lately especially this week like it’s alcohol.

I know I can lose the weight I’ve done it number out times. Just this one isn’t a fight I wanted to be in. Yea suck it up right. Can’t always pine after a dickhead. If life could throw one problem at you, that be good. I have the weight of the world it seems. It’s
Literally eating me alive. The depression I feel at this moment it’s bad really bad. I want to get out the funk.

Yoga class in fifteen minutes not psyched to go. Promised my friend. I want to hide and do nothing but the reviews for this place suggest to me there is barely arm room length and it’s crowded. Hiding I won’t be lucky. I could fake being sick? Sigh. I hate feeling shitty.

Why can’t it just all go away..


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