No answer

Lately unless I really need to talk to someone I won’t answer the phone. If I know you well I will. Other than that if we don’t speak on a regular basis don’t bother.

So Monday the girl whose marrying the guy for his papers, well I found out Monday she did marry him.. That’s another story but not for my blog. Kept calling my phone to ask someone a question. I wanted to punch her. Like call the store not my phone speak to someone. Ass. Thursday she called but I had a long day at work and passed out at nine. She leaves no message. Saturday she calls while I’m at yoga and no message. So it can’t be important. I’m just like what do you want. I won’t call back because it’s a waste of my time.

Sunday I was scheduled earlier than normal. So I was going to wake up a quarter to eight a blocked caller decided to make that wake up call earlier. At 7:21am My phone rings. Blocked call the caller ID says. So yea I picked up, but I was like hmmm, I don’t feel like speaking. So I had it on mute on my end. For a minute they stayed on. I finally heard some background noise. Another eighteen seconds they hung up. No call back. At 10:29p last night the same thing. Except this time I wasn’t in a mood. I let it ring until my voicemail picked up. No message left.

So it could be anyone. It could be Austin’s current or whatever she is to him lover. It’s not Austin we spoke for other reasons this afternoon. Could it be the crazy guy Camilio? It could be any weird guy. It could be the hospital. I have a relative in one but at those hours I doubt it. So I try not to rack my brains. iPhones don’t have anything to prevent unknown, unavailable calls. Unless the phone Is jail broken. I’m not paying for an app. Hope it’s not a constant thing. Whomever it is, take a hint.


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