I’ve had my full of emotional abuse. It’s horrible and the worst type of abuse out there besides physical abuse though. I really can’t deal with it anymore. Yet at times I’m blinded by my feelings for my ex.

Now the tables are turned. This idiot he’s with plays him for a fool. Or he’s ever so “pussy whipped”. He called me Wednesday to tell me about the funeral that what day it would be. Then he goes in deep about the girl. I stayed quiet the whole time. Seems she’s been a bit of a prick throughout the whole death of his father. It wouldn’t make any sense to rant on useless details about what he said. He tells me that’s the last straw it’s over.

So I send him a text to see how he was last night and the next thing I hear is. Hey she’s coming she apologized. Yea the girl was a prick was gonna disrespect your whole family but once again she’s made her 999 mistake and it’s ok. So I let him have it. I know it wasn’t the right time since he was grieving but I snapped. This whole week that has past I’ve been someone to comfort him. I’m sick of being number two. When she acted like a prick he called me to pick up the pieces. Time after time she can ignore his calls or treat him dirty but yet he’s so dense to her and the games. What happened to the man I once knew. What the hell does she got over him. I’m saddened to see someone I once knew as a strong individual fall prey to a conniving bitch.
It hurts like hell. I now have to decide to go to the funeral or just not. I can’t see why I should go. I met him a few times. I was told by him a lot or things said by his family. So I sent a card why am I supporting them regardless. Maybe though it’s spiteful and cruel this is the only way to cut my ties. I’m sorry about his loss but I can’t be there for leftovers. I wish he would realize that she is not the one. That isn’t my choice to make. It just hurts because I can’t stand to deal with this anymore.


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