Get on My level

If you truly want to get on my level, get to know me. I’m no hardcore bitch. I’m a mother and a very loving sensitive sweet person. Don’t tell me you know me or how my life is. If you don’t know me. Your making a big ass out of yourself.

I can’t see why a woman takes on a man knowing he’s attached in away or still harboring feelings for his ex. Instead of finding your own single man here they go doing everything to ensure they keep this guy. So he can’t show you love. So you continue to make problems with the one person you know that he can trust. Fight, fight, fight! What type of relationship is that. Can’t you even be nice for once. Always picking at the littlest things.

You couldn’t even manage to stay happy even at the greatest point in life. That’s what you get for trying to change someone who can’t be changed. You don’t force your way to be liked and loved. It becomes tedious. Life and love is something that comes natural. So sorry sweetheart. No matter what you will do. He won’t change. Your barking up the wrong tree. Though it won’t be me that he will end up with. It certainly won’t be your insecure ass either.


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