Feeling Content

I finally feel content for the first time in my life. I don’t know why but it just feels peaceful to not have stress. Though there still is much stress around it’s not getting to me.

I’m not in a mood to ex boyfriend rant right now. Though I can’t even begin to say the twists and turns the past two weeks have been. While what’s been going on isn’t exactly what I expected I don’t necessarily feel it’s a bad thing. I think it’s actually good.

It’s a good way to fuel the fire in me. I have a drive to want to be and do things. Even finding that niche and know what I want now. I know I am no longer vulnerable. I know I’m not insecure. I’m grateful for what I have. To be able to live a life. Not judge people by mistakes. To not sit and dwell over something because something is over. You can just choose to walk away. Sometimes walking away is better than antagonizing the situation.


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