Mind of a man

Would I ever want to think like a man? You know what no. The ones I’ve dealt with honestly I would never want to be in their heads. So you have to wonder.
Imagine a relationship that you guys were close. But it wasn’t ideal because situations as in the living situation weren’t so ideal. So the man decides to seek better. Can you tell me what’s better? A college degree? Would you tell your girl.. I dumped you to do better? There isn’t better to me. Behind anyone stands true colors. When better isn’t necessarily good and it turns out to be hell bent. Was it worth it?

Honestly a wonderful great relationship with a woman you love should never end because you refuse to try. All relationships have their ups and downs. Couples make things work. Why would a man look for better when he had the best. Explain the common sense of that one. I’m not making assumptions or answering the questions I’ve asked it just is a question that the men who choose this path must find within themselves. Give up and start a new never to find what you had or be miserable due to failure.


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