Birthday wishes

You begin to rethink your life. In the event of tragedy. Maybe it’s not my own personal one but it does hit so close to home that you make the decisions and changes. I had a pretty hard one yesterday.

Since my exes father died it was to think about my own estranged relationship with my father. I’m not sure if I would have taken the chance but maybe I would. So yesterday was my birthday. I’m on my way to the city. I have cell service in the subway. So I see someone inboxed me on Facebook. So I sign in on safari. It’s my father.

Dad: ……….
Me: ?
Dad: happy birthday bye

Did I just read that correctly?! Why did he even bother. I didn’t even reply. I just was not going to let it ruin my day. I just don’t understand how people think anymore.

I had dinner with my ex. We talked a lot he talks a lot about his dad. So I showed him what mine did. He didn’t understand it. I didn’t realize talking about it would bring me to tears. I told him at least your father cared about you. Your father was around for you. So he saw my tears. Guess some people are luckier then others in situations.

Who knows how long all of us will be around. I can try and try to fixed my father daughter relationship but will it be worth it?


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